About us

We, as a political independant and democratic lead group of medical professionals of Iranian descent in Gemany- pursue the goal of helping the brave people in Iran who are fighting the terrorist Islamic Regime with bare hands and those who are in need.

Our group has been established in October 2022 and is growing since.

We are also in touch with some fellow colleagues and organisations in other European countries.

So far, we have been able to offer help in Iran as sending medicine and equipment to injured citizens/protesters, helping financially (like paying the bail for prisoners, monetary support of dependents of prisoners or murdered protesters).

Ever since the beginning of the current Iranian uprise, we have also been organising weekly public events and demonstrations throughout Germany to show our support abroad and will continue to do so until the fall of the Islamic Regime.

Now, a new era has begun, which means to adjust our strategies.

Thus we seek political support to intensify the pressure on the Islamic Regime.

Referring to this idea we want to send a clear signal to the western countries, especially France and Germany, to finally take serious actions against the Iranian Islamic Regime to accelerate their fall and thus setting an end to further unnecessary bloodshed.

Best regards

ParsiMed organisation team